When do we talk politics?


The premise behind this blog was always intended to be playful: recipes, stories, pictures, KNITTING and so on. I wanted a happy spot that was quaint and twee and I didn't mind if anyone read just because it's nice to put some positive out there. Ok, I do admit, I like it when I know people are reading. It is a nice feeling.

However, I'm feeling less than playful today. It's a growing sense that I have NO VOICE and that increasingly, I am unable to perform in my job due to the number of dramatic cuts to frontline services (yes I know Mr Cameron, you've made no frontline cuts but my daily experience is proving otherwise so change that line please). I thought long and hard about my vote last summer as I knew so much needed to change in the UK and indeed the world. I felt I made the right choice, the only choice and now.... well, now I'm not enjoying what I am experiencing everyday as a direct result of my and many others vote.

However, before I begin to explain why and throw my opinions out there I have to pause and say 'Is this the time and place?' Sure, politics are in every part of our lives: house prices, schools, job market and safety on the streets. We can't escape it whether we take note or not. BUT is a playful blog the place to express this particular burning issue? A political blog certainly. But a crafty, daydreamy blog?

In Sex and The City Style I am going to throw a question out there: When do we talk politics?