Hi all

I am sat sleepily sipping tea (I'm too ill for rocket fuel coffee- horrors!) and cruising new blogs. I discovered this lady by shamelessly following a giveaway link. I like her style though, so I'm keeping her for future reference. Can you imagine blogging for a whole year?

And while we're on the subject of blogs I'm enjoying: HELLO!!! Knitted Bliss is always a pleasure to watch for yummy knitted goodies but 7 days of hot chocolate? That's my kinda thinking.

It has got me pondering about giveaways though and eyeballing my stash. I've done such a good job of stashing down lately (I'm fairly sure that's gloating, I'm gloating here right?) that I may have to get brutal or creative with a giveaway.

Yarn is the obvious choice, it's light, covetable and easily shipped. So I will pose a question and if I like some of the answers, I may host something too. Ofcourse I have no idea how many people read this thing so I could be setting myself up for a very lonely afternoon.

What giveaways work best for you? What would you love to receive? (No, I can't stretch to posting out Colin Firth, his wife would be terribly sad)