Getting warmer still

Isn't this lovely? It's another Jared Flood pattern, Wool Leaves. I've made it once before and it's a quick and satisfying knit. The lace is pretty intuitive and the overall effect is always brilliant. I've always loved Mr Flood's patterns and I've knit this twice now- both times for a special friend who is having a baby.

The wool is Cascade 128 Superwash Chunky. It's not the kind of yarn I'd probably use for a jumper as it doesn't have that 'pop' I like in more solid fabric but I really loved it for this. My friend is a wee goth chic and so a dark grey for little Samuel seemed perfect. I'm all about the neutrals or rustic when it comes to blankets. I love a splash of colour but I really am drawn to simplicity and the inviting comfort of a good, traditional looking blanket.

I've fantasised about making a blanket for me. There are two patterns I'd LOVE to make and once again, Mr Flood is the designer. First there's Umaro, which he shows off in cool white yarn that I just want to stick my face in and just KNOW I'd spill coffee on if I tried to copy the colour! The other is the Hemlock Ring Blanket and is a FREE pattern. It grew from a doily pattern but don't panic, this is not going to add frump to your home. At the centre is the doily design and then the blanket grows with a feather and fan stitch. And ofcourse, it's in stunning neutrals that just scream 'wear plaid and drink hot chocolate under me'. 

Hear that? I'm purring again.....