Morning all

I'm just popping on to say, I've not disappeared. I have been really struggling health wise these last few days and it's made me feel so far removed from playful. There are posts in the pipelines, giveaways (oh yes) and features but I've lacked zip for a while so I took some quiet time for me. I didn't even manage any photography. Hideous.

I've managed some knitting. And lots of daydreaming. I thought I'd just share some pics today while I prepare to go and do a hike across south London. Yes. A bunch of Londoners are going to explore London. I'm finally well enough to think this fun and it's sunny. From where I sit I can see blossom waving delicately in the breeze. I have no doubt it will still need hand knits but that is in no way a complaint.

More soon, I promise