Featured: Yarn to Knit

This time my featured crafter is Yarn to Knit, an indie dyer who very kindly invited me and my friend into her home to craft and yarn gaze. It all begun as a suggestion to my friend of Yarn and Spices that we should check out some local dyers/ yarn shops. She casually replied to the Yarn to Knit, 'Oh Martina? She's lovely'. I was there!

We arrived and sat round happily, talking knitting and crochet, each with projects in our laps and plenty of tea to keep us refreshed. We chatted about recent shows Martina has attended (Unravel has just gone and she will be at Wonderwool- so keep your eyes peeled). Then Martina thought she'd get out some skeins to show us, and my friend and I promptly lost all ability to speak, save for some Gollum impressions. 

I mean look at just these two boxes? Aren't they delicious?

I dived in, pulling out warm skeins of plush british breeds and cool skeins with silk and bambo blends. I had a hard job narrowing things down....

 I reduced this pile one sad skein at a time, it was not easy! I finally settled on a sock yarn in the colourway 'Red Wine' and two skeins of DK in 'Peacock'. Yes, yes, I know that I'm dewstashing but it's my birthday soon so I'm allowed. Especially as I've been so discplined. It would've been rude not to buy after all that fondling anyway right?
We finished with more cake and cookies. It was generally a day made of win. Thanks Martina- you were such a poppet to feed us and supply us with yummy yarns!