A Tale of Two Yarns ( 2KCBWDAY1)

Does anyone else have 'that' skein? Something so precious that you think you might never knit it? I'm NOT a hoarder. I loathe the idea of yarn sitting, unknit in people's stash, hunted via scary updates just to be sat, unused. I rejoice in yarn and intensely plan projects. But I have about 3-4 skeins that I cannot plan a thing for. Nothing seems right. They are treasured and I will be leaving them till quite late in the stashdown, awaiting some kind of life altering inspiration I'm sure.

My first skein is one of these yarns. I received this beautiful skein of Julie Spins Merino 370, a fingering weight from a friend who actually, has a habit of sending such stunning skeins that I then precede to have a meltdown over when trying to match them to projects. That sounded ungrateful; I AM NOT. I just look at at the skein, photograph it, pet it and whisper 'what will you be?' to it. I'm met with what I feel is a quite judgemental silence. These reverred skeins can be quite aloof eh?

Let us pause and just look at this skein.

Isn't it beautiful? The colourway is Banff and what I can't work out is: is this going to come out decadently variegated or become some multi tonal blue that makes me weak at the knees? I know, I could check Ravelry, but alas, no FO pics. I could swatch. But then I'd have COMMITED to the skein and as I mentioned, it's quite judgemetnal of me already.

So now onto the tale of the second yarn. It would be cruel to make a comparison. It'd be like comparing a new F1 team with Maclaren (the season just started, expect lots of F1 references). Instead, I will tell you a story that proves why I should not live in fear of 'too precious skeins'. 

I am a relatively new knitter, only two years really. I went on a yarn crawl with my newly found knit group a few short months into knitting. I was bullied by an overzealous sales assistant at a fibre event which led to me falling in love with a grey and white skein of fingering, Aspen Moon superwash to be exact. I thought it was exciting, a far cry from the discount balls of Sirdar I'd been practising on. 

I was nowhere near making socks and I didn't have a clue yet about shawls so it sat, awaiting a project for over a year. I eventually found it a partner and gleefully decided on a Daybreak by the yummy Stephen West. I got the ball winder out and swift and prepared to be dazzled by it's colour as I wound it. 24 hours later, I had a killer hangover and a half wound tangle..... I'm not saying it drove me to drink but it didn't help me stay sober. Two friends had helped unwind this mess and it still sat on the swift, taunting me. Admittedly, they'd shared in the drunkeness too but I was convinced the skein knew what it was doing. It had MADE us get that drunk. 

The DayBreak did come out beautifully but the yarn was nothing short of disappointing. It was soft but probably too soft. Socks would have laid down in submission and died to be honest. This doesn't mean I'm ready to say I've learned my lesson and wind the Juliespins, however. I mean, not before I've emptied my house of alcohol anyway....