Tidy mind, tidy stitches (2KCBWDAY3)

So..... organisation eh?


I am an ex teacher, possibly soon to be, a teacher (long story, don't ask). I am organised. VERY. I think in colour and folders so when it comes to photographing and blogging about my world, no problem. I have file names, temporary places for wanna be posts and Ravelry projects.

My stash however is not so organised. it began with high hopes, hopes that have rapdily become buried under jewel tones and dark and gothling. It started off in two boxes, from Ikea; a bit like a double shoe box if you like. I had needles in one, patterns etc. Stash in other. Then I bought more yarn... and needles. I moved out of boxes and got a third box. This became 4..... things were getting hectic under the bed.

Then I broke up with my ex and realised I was going to have to move said stash. Not good. I started a stashdown and to redistributed things: yarns were organised by weights, things were destashed and I kept out yarns I'd be knitting with. Order was restored and I was feeling good- yes after a break up, it was THAT kind of break up. I hit a knitting funk and realised that this was an ambitious box of yarn I'd kept out of storage (yes, the others went to storage, it was hideous, let's try not to dwell on it).

With great joy I found digs in London and moved the stash out into plain view, all laid on top of the massive wardrobe, still in boxes but there to remind me not to go to wild again. It felt manageable and bar a fear of moths, I felt comfortable. Comfortable enough to have a yarn slip and buy more. Ahem. It was ok though, I knit my Christmas gifts from my stash, I was virtually a saint.

My stash now? Well. I moved again. At first it all seems rather perfect. See this? It's my space. I share it with the man beast but as you can see I have yarn, books, laptop and such all in one place. I can tuck myself in here and pretend I'm my very own knitwear designer. I even have pretty needles on display.
Closer inspection reveals it's not ALL THERE. See that under the desk? That wee cabinet? More yarn. Mooch into the bedroom to get a tshirt and tucked into my wardrobe? More yarn.

So my mission for 2011 has been to stash down. It's not hideous. I am aware there's a lot more terrifying stashes out there but I love my yarn and I want to knit it. Unknit yarn is pretty but it's unfulfilled. I will do my best and review the year in December. If only I wasn't doing that US trip in September... I feel my will power is only so strong!
lest we forget

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