Uh HA!

Do you see that?

Look up

No, not at YOUR ceiling, at the top of the post here. See that? That wee banner? Yup. It's blog week prep thanks to the delightful Eskimimi. Blog week looks cute and fun and I'm going to give it a whirl. Largely because I've not been writing anything about my knitting. More about the places I have been knitting. Sorry about that. So I promise a week of knitting talk. Unashamedly geeky. I promise.

Today however? I need to address Moon Pies. I received this package from my friend, Amber,  full of sugary goodness. It all started after a conversation when I asked 'What's a moon pie?' and there was this stunned silence. Then later on I said 'What's peppermint bark?' Again, I was pitied. 

So Amber sent me a box load. They're um, interesting. One thing I would NOT recommend. Is turning them over to read the ingredients to work out what they are. Really. Don't.