Where are they now? (2KCBWDAY4)

yaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnn and streeeeeeeeeetch. 

Morning all. I am a sleepy puss this morning. I'm on my second coffee and pootling around. Dean Martin is asking how I like my eggs in the morning (with a kiss, I'm with you babe) and I fear this might be one of my rambly blog posts. Feel free to fast forward to the more structured content at the bottom if you're here for my Blog Week post but I might need to ease myself in this morning. These things happen.

It's been a thrilling few days. Firstly, to all the commenters from the last few days- hi, so nice to have you here! Please, stick around, pull up a chair and get some coffee. Although not that coffee (points), that's mine. I've loved reading your comments and following you back to your blogs. Aren't you all awesome?!?! You clever things. And to answer one direct question: I'm hitting the US in September. I am seeing some much missed best friends and I can't wait. Distance may make the heart grow fonder but it can sure ache too. 

I slept heavy last night because I may have, at long last, found a job. Yup. I went to take a look around a place that is so playful and warm and before I knew it I was being interviewed, chatting to everyone and being asked to give a 'performance'. The playful delight was mutual and so this, and the comments is why I'm humming along (Frank Sinatra has me under his skin now FYI) to favourite music and feeling rambly and content. Oooooo Nina Simone now. Bliss. 

SO on to blog week topics.

I decided to talk about a project I made before the blog. I found knitting purely by accident about 2 years ago. I never meant to be a knitter. I meant to learn to crochet little flower corsages like my work colleague but I cannot work out crochet. Chains and knots yes, but something else? No. 

I actually come from a long line of knitters. My paternal grandmother was a beautiful knitter. I can dimly remember her trying to catch me long enough to knit little squares that would one day become a blanket. My mum encouraged, remembering that she too used to knit. I was.... a hyper kid shall we say? I was too busy hunting for dragons and driving my mother up the wall unfortunately so my grandmother has had to wait another 20 years for me to come round to the idea that knitting. is. life.

Sadly, my darling grandmother can no longer knit. A horrible tumble led to a plate being placed in her wrist, causing so much pain and she's progressively lost her sight so that she is rendered to dreaming of knits only. So when I learned to knit, it was from the internet and Ravelry and when I proudly showed my mum and grandmother my crooked scarf, they applauded and encouraged. My mum has begun knitting again with more relish too, and pretty soon I was moving away from scarves and wanting a challenge. 

I made this. Let's just look at it for a while. 

The pattern is Springtime Bandit and the yarn is Madelinetosh Merino Light in the colourway Warm Maize. It was my first adventure into luxury yarn and lace. There was purring whenever I fondled the yarn and tears and tantrums as I fought my way through my first lace. I was so proud of it. I loved it. To date, it's my most popular Ravelry FO and I knew just who should have it. 

My Grandmother unwrapped the shawl delicately and smiled down, letting her fingers feel the fine details her eyesight won't let her see clearly anymore. She scrunched her fingers into the yarn and sighed of yarns she missed. It was my best decision. She's worn it every night around her shoulders to avoid a chill and when she was sick recently she said it was her biggest comfort.

While I was sad to lose my first lace project, I was glad to finally give my Grandmother something back for all the many jumpers and cardigans she made me as a child. I couldn't think of a better place for it to find a home.

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