What's this?

Oh this pile of heart stamped tissue paper heralds the first competition I have ever WON! Yes, I am simple giddy with excitement this morning, you may even guess from the picture above. I swooped on the mailman when he knocked on my door and ran to open up the box. I love getting mail, especially my first ever prize. I may repeat this phrase over and over throughout the post. I'm very much enamoured with my first ever prize. Yup. 

I entered a contest a while back, lazily clicking through blogs and Ravelry boards. I discovered Implausible Yarn and have been reading ever since. This is how I got my first ever prize. (I know, I should stop now but I can't, bare with me).

The competition was for this skein of Yarn Pirate superwash, a brand I've been wanting to try for some time. The colourway is Shamrock and I'm quite in love. I admit to be a little unsure from the picture if I would fall head over heels in love with my first ever prize (I know, I know) but I needn't have worried. I love it, it's just the right shade of green. Socks will be made and admired. Oh yes.

Not just content with giving me my first ever prize (stop it now), I also received delicious goodies: jelly bellys, Ghirardelli and a dark chocolate bar that contains raspberries and a love poem inside the packaging. Well hello!

Since yesterday, I suspected things were looking up when I discovered this blossom growing outside my window and then I found a lady bug in the house, confirming that Spring HAD to be on it's way despite temperatures remaining very set in the mittens and scarves regions. Not that I'm complaining, I'm all about the knit wear.

I'm off now to fondle my first prize ever yarn. I really am stopping now......