Your knitting and crochet time (2KCBWDAY7)

Well hello everyone, how are we all holding up? How's your Sunday? Good? Mine's painful- I got playful last night and am coping on 5 hours sleep and nursing a nasty hangover. I am getting too old for houseparties and swigging wine like it's Ribena. When will I learn?
So it's not hard to see how I failed to remember I haven't completed my day 7 blog today. I launched the podcast, and fell back onto the sofa, weeping and begging for paracetemol. I am truly loathesome. 

My knitting time varies. The main two ways I knit is in my knitting nook, with a podcast, some tea or some blog reading. Or it's while I'm commuting somewhere. This really influences what I knit. I usually have 2 projects on the go- a harder one at home and something small that requires little pattern checking for travelling. I thought I'd share a story about what happened to me the other day. 

Man beast and I were on the way to his Dad's for Sunday roast and hopped on the underground. I was knitting a baby hat as it's nice and transportable. I'm knitting away and man beast chuckles. I look up at him and my fingers remain knitting. He laughs and says, 'Now you've really blown their minds, you're not even looking at it.' I follow his gaze and the entire row opposite are watching me. Two girls with achingly trendy 'scruffy hair' look horrified, a man is watching my fingers intently and his wife is watching him watch me. A nice old man is beaming proudly at me. The husband leans over and asks 'We all would like to know, what is it going to be?' I suspect the girls didn't want to know but they leaned closer, eager for something to mock later over lattes.

I smile and say 'A baby hat' and the wife says 'ooooohhhh thhhaaaaaaats why you're knitting.' Like this explained everything. Because why else would someone dare to be seen knitting in public unless she was pregnant? People are so strange.....

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