The Day The Cameras Came

You would be forgiven for thinking from reading the title that fame has finally caught up with me. That's exactly what I thought when the man announced a camera crew was coming to our house in an hour and a half while I still lie in bed, sipping my coffee and pondering the bank holiday ahead. Alas, they were not coming for me, but for HIM. Huff. Don't they know who I AM?!?!?

So after a whirlwind of picking up laundry (bloomers on screen anyone?) and checking it all looked presentable (the man included) I turned my mind to the finer details. Should I leave Emelia, my beloved new mic on display?

I pictured them entering the flat, commenting on the lack of dust round the skirting boards before their eyes fell on the microphone. 'Oh that? I produce a podcast. I'm also very comfortable on film. Here's my best side...'

But I realised today was not for me but for the man and I'm so proud I could burst.