I'm a survivor...

Yes I'm singing the Destiny's Child song, don't judge me. After the day I had yesterday? You're lucky I'm not in my disco pants, drunk as a lord and singing Gloria Gaynor quite frankly.

Anyway yesterday KICKED.MY.BUTT. Ouch. Today however was much better as I got an early cool and a booking. I've ticked 5 things off my list and postponed 2 for very good reasons. Promise. To add to my better day, THEY FOUND MY PACKAGE!!!! I did a little victory boogie on the phone and explained this to the nice man who then offered to walk it round. Had they not lost it in the first place I'd have been amazed at the service. 

Here is my bounty for the goddess that is Amber.

There's another skein of Miss Bab's to make a jumper in the beautiful burgundy colourway 'Catherine'. I now have two and I'm dead excited. There's also this skein of Lisa Souza Hardtwist in the colourway Sherwood Forest. Tally ho I say!

Then there was this cute as anything wallet. I will be using it for nights out when I don't take my whole purse and also to add business cards to when I finally get round to ordering some. (This was on tomorrow's list anyway, don't start). We both love interesting keys so this is just so cute. I found myself stroking the satisfying fabric on the top. Lovely.

So after my storming success I took WIPs pics. ooooooooo I can do WIP Wednesday can't I? Perfect timing. Here is progress on the Pinwheel Blanket by Genia Planck. 4th ball.... 2 to go..... over 400 stitches at last count. 
Then I have a question for you all. How to customise this. I have no sewing machine but I do have needle, thread and some sharp ass fabric scissors. What do you suggest?