Why you should vote today

I try hard not to let politics get too into this blog as I never want to be accused of biased writing. Today however I'm going to openly talk politics. Not Yes or No but your right to VOTE. If you dismiss this because 'you don't do politics' I feel sad. Politics are in everything we do: pay rates, public services, how clean are streets are, our monthly bills, our schools. Whether you like it or not, NOT voting is a vote in itself and is therefore a political choice.

Today the British public vote on electoral reform, a rolling debate that gathered momentum when faced with a Tory stranglehold or a vote for a Labour party no one believed in anymore, the public threw the vote and voted in a coalition. I'm not going to comment on my strong gut reaction to why this happened as I would then enter into yes or no terrority. I'm simply pointing out why I am urging you to vote today.

I just had a reply to a link I placed on my facebook page that stated 'It's all too confusing and I'm not voting'. I was stunned. I went to university with this thoughtful and intelligent man. Is he actually saying that he is too stupid to follow a voting system? Both systems are ALREADY in place. Nationally we run the 'first past the post' system of voting; in London and within political parties, we run the AV system offering more seats and less strangleholds. So both are currently being used and understood. 

By not voting we are still making a political choice. Those in the 'No campaign' will see it as proof that we're too stupid to understand and therefore want first past the post. So you've voted whether you meant to or not. 

Please, if you do nothing else today, look at this website that shows you what you're vote is worth and VOTE. I won't enter into debate here but if you have any questions and would like to ask about the two systems, please feel free to email me. 

Speak freely and loudly people.