I'm useless at remembering to post for these 'blogalongs'. I try but I almost always remember the day after I was supposed to post. However, I just remembered that I have an FO to share AND IT'S FRIDAY. Ok, I knew it was Friday a little earlier in the day but.... well..... yes...... I am a scatterbrain at the best of times. 

So I'm sharing this lovely FO in honour of 'FO Fridays' hosted by the lovely Tamis. This FO is brought to you by the also lovely Lisa Mutch. I will now attempt to describe the FO without using the word lovely again because I am in love with it. 

The pattern is called Van Doesburg and is very much to my taste- simple, textured and not too girly. I had the pleasure of test knitting this pattern and I found Lisa to be lo.... absolutely gorgeous. I used Dream In Colour Smooshy and I believe it LIES. I also can't bring myself to type Color; I apologise to all the US readers. It's phonetically correct, I know but typing color takes me back to spelling tests at school. Of course I have now typed color 3 times. I might as well throw a lovely in there for good measure. 


Anyway, the Smooshy is NOT smooshy. It softens up nicely with a wash but I will leave this to socks in the future. I prefer something akin to a buttered kitten around my neck. As for the pattern? If I get my timing right, expect a dozen or so more of these on FO fridays.