FO friday

I will just allow a moment to bask in the fact: I remembered it's friday.

Ok I haven't woven in the ends of my second project, nor have I photographed them but LOOK!!
I made Knee Highs. These are knit two at a time , magic loop style starting at the toe. These were the actual first pair I tried this way but they took longer to finish being knee high. I love this way of using up every scrap of yarn. I've not properly road tested them yet, just swanked round the house but aren't they pretty?

I got the bind off right this time:
Step 1: Knit 1
Step 2: K2tog through back loop
Step 3 pass both these 2 stitches back onto left needle.

Repeat K1, K2tog tbl and passing back onto left until all are knit- nice and stretchy. 

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