Update on OTL

One True Love is doing grand. I've come home for a little respite before crashing back in to volunteering efforts in the city next week. Ok, so it's 11:30 and I only JUST had breakfast because I've been coordinating via the wonder of the web but still..... I tried!

OTL has kept me company, his head resting on my lap as I type. It's an odd position. Standing, he is a bit taller than my knees so I have to have my feet on tippy toes or he 'falls off' and gets grumpy. To cheer him up I jump up and run to the kitchen. This is enough to make him get all skittish and trot along behind me, tail wagging, 'boinking' me with his nose and running at me when I stop. He's so funny. He's doing well considering his lovely old legs won't let him reverse anymore. He just sort of shuffles till he's facing forward again then trots back up to me again and sighs when I'm back on the computer.

I think he's tired out from all the messaging too.