Ode to my Knitting Crushes.

I have many knitting crushes. Some are pure and steadfast, some whimsical and some have been my biggest crush since, like, FOREVER. So I thought I would pay tribute to the people I consider legends in the knitting world and I would turn completely fan girl on at the drop of a knitted hat. 

In no particular order....

8. Melissa Wehrle of Neoknits. My favourite ever knitscenes are without fail, the ones where she has several designs. I've built them up to the point I couldn't possibly knit them. But this year, as I say every year, it's going to happen.
7. Gudrun Johnston of the Shetland Trader. Just wow. Again, I'm in awe and am yet to brave casting any patterns on!
6. Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting. I've made several of her stylish accessories by now and I'm thrilled that she has a collection coming out with another delicious designer: Hannah Fettig. I'm avoiding buying Coastal Knits for fear I will become knit frenzied and never leave the house.
5. Vanessa Smith of Knit Rhapsody. I think not only is her design work to die for but she is also hot stuff herself and I admit, I have a girl crush.
4. Veera Välimäki of Rain Knitwear Designs. Her designs are stylish and grey and striped and I must KNIT THEM ALL. yes. 
3.  Cecily Glowik Macdonald. My more recent knitting crush, a slow burning and building crush. Now it is fully fledged and I want to make about 10 of her sweaters/ cardigans NOW. I'm in awe of course and completely paralysed by the thought of not making mine as perfect as the pattern.
2. Stephen West. I love his wearable designs. His photography suits my playful self and I love, love the fact that I can make things for both myself and the giant that I will wear. Lace is nice but this is wearable. I'm working through this collection slower than I would like. It helps he's cute as a button too. Yes. 
1. The ultimate for me, Brooklyn Tweed. Oh Jared, let us count the ways I love you. For me it's not just the clear, simple but informative pattern writing, the stunning photography but it's the classic nature of these designs. This is what knit wear should look like. The last two Fall collections have taken my breath away and made me sink into tea and toast and hours of reading and browsing over the pattern info. I can't bring myself to knit them. I'm too in awe. Aren't I silly?

Do you do this? Obssess about design collections but never seem to get there? Or dabble then run away again?

ETA: I have absolutely NO idea why this republished here. I was correcting typos last night and something funky happened. Ho hum