Dark Days

Sometimes you write a title just so you can follow it up with another titled post. I'm hoping the next one states that dark days are over, there's a Florence and The Machine video and a parade of food and knits. However, in order for there to be such a post, there needs to be dark days. I believe I'm in them. 

Let's look at the evidence: the days are now shorter. So short in fact that yesterday the giant and I were ready to go to bed (we're both sick) and looked at the clock. 6.45 pm .Really? REALLY???? I swear it had been dark for hours at this point. Surely it had to be closer to midnight. Normally extra evening would be delightful, like waking up on Saturday, thinking it's a week day and gleefully realising your mistake. Last night however it felt like a day that was never going to end. Ever.

Then of course there is the fact that I remain in a black hole of knitting. I have not completed anything in ages and if I have, chances are it hasn't been for me. The Juno Regina stole is trying to kill me in my sleep. Seriously. I hear it whispering to me 'you will never finish me and I will be your albatross'. Or should that be monkey? Monkey on your back; albatross round your neck, right? Whatever. I have a friggin zoo climbing all over me right now and christmas is not getting any further away. 

I also have a chest infection. AGAIN. How is it that I can catch a cold and go down with a chest infection with such ease? You know how men never have a cold but have man flu and might be dying? I am like that. I don't get just a cold. I get a chest infection and become my own little parody of Slimer with green goo. It's attractive I can tell you. 

So to lift my spririts in these dark days I'm powering through the stole so that I can look forward to these new brights. You'll be hearing about them next podcast. If I can string a sentence together by Sunday. If not, I'll be dragging myself out of bed to write a blog post that announces the dark days are not yet over and we're all doomed, DOOMED, I tell you. 

Artist's Palette Dk- with cashmere!

Oh I have clever knit friends, yes I do....

Ok, that was dramatic. My fever might be up again. Apologies.

ETA: Slimer reference point