How do you like them apples?

Since I was little, I have loved story telling. I come from a family of story tellers and while we avidly read, the tradition of on the spot story telling and crafting something without a text has been a longstanding one. My grandfather's regular character was Jerry the Goblin, a naughty goblin I've gone on to share time and time again.

My stories tend to be whimsical, shocking from a blogger dubbed 'Aplayfulday' I'm sure. On Friday I went to an event that reminded me of this love having not practiced for so long. Sure, I inflict stories on the giant, often just before sleep kicks in but I've not crafted for a while. On Friday we went to see one of our favourite spoken word artists and he impressed upon the audience the importance of not losing story telling.

When our audience participation did not win the prize, I remembered the devil was in the detail and I found words littering my head. I wrote them down until I found somewhere to speak them. 

So in the way Polar Bear taught me:

What story did you tell today?