Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie....

For those of you who did not hear my delighted tweets at the weekend, we have a new love and I'm infatuated. While we healed from losing our  beautiful One True Love we received a call from a Doberman rescue home that a delightful bouncing boy needed a new home. Nervously we agreed to an introduction and when this charming young man licked my face and sat at my feet expectantly, we knew that we had to bring him home. He was already leaning in for more kisses when I said 'Let's give this pup a good life'.

George is 13 months and has had a pretty tough time of late. He was found as a stray, frightened and underweight then placed in a police pound for weeks. In the pound, he was caged in a crate that was far too small for a growing Doberman pup and so he is a skinny and slightly balding wretch (the crate rubbed the fur off his tail).

However, we have him in the nest now and are enjoying learning this docile pup's favourite things. Thus far, these things include any food item, cuddles and soft gentle whispers in his oversized floppy ears.