Well it's the time of year for that traditional funk. Call it what you will: 'return to work blues', 'festive blowout' or 'the January doldrums'. Whatever it is, I have it. 

I shouldn't be so surprised, I have it EVERY year. Why? I'm not good with build up or expectation. Let me explain. 

I find myself getting really anxious with this talk of new starts and resolutions. Sometimes I try to play along but mostly I just feel this anxiety to BE BETTER. What if I am not better? What if I don't achieve all those amazingly hard targets I've set myself?

I will admit I understand the need for reinvention. Anyone who has kept an eye on the blog from day one will understand I love a change or two. (I'm now redhead FYI). But I get really overwhelmed by this expectation that we will all strive to be better because it's a new year. I strive to be better everyday and the little perfectionist in me needs a break from all these messages of new improved me quite frankly. It makes me jittery.

Yet, as a blogger I feel a need to add a traditional post, reviewing the year and setting targets for the year ahead. 


Can I get back to you on that one?