A George update

Remember George, the pup who was helping to mend a broken heart? Well many of you were quite taken with this skinny little fellow and have been asking how he has settled in.

George is a gentle and eager to please little man who has won everybody's hearts including mine. I knew the moment I saw him that he had to come home with us, there was just something in his eyes that begged to be loved and believe me, loved he is. From the first day that we brought him home he has been a complete joy and proved that my gut instinct was right: he is 'Gorgeous George'.

As you can see his coat is no longer dull and full of scurvy brought on by the stress of his ordeals although the weight gain will take a lot longer as it needs to be slow and steady for this growing puppy. He is less hollow looking and I think you'll agree that this is the demeanour of a very content dog.

We have noticed with great delight, that his tail no longer sits nervously under his body but instead curls up into the air cheerfully. In fact, he is so expressive with his tail that we have to stand clear as it whips round like a propeller!

We are learning that George adores nibbling fingers, playing football (somewhat clumsily), and plenty of hugs. No complaints here, except perhaps when finger nibbling interrupts knitting! Oh, and for the record, skeins are also George's most favourite thing ever although sadly not for the same reasons as they are mine. We are negotiating about how we treat fingers and skeins.......