I was chatting to the giant the other day about blood donation. Yes, it is the kind of conversation that can come up in our house. I was reading a piece that outlined the decline in donations that occurs during national celebrations such as international football  tournaments etc. With the Olympics and the Jubilee this year, there's concern that donations will hit further rock bottom than they already have (economy is also a major factor). 

It was only while chatting that the giant revealed he'd never given blood. I was stunned. How do people NOT give blood? I mean, in my case it's obvious- I have a rare blood clotting condition. I am 100% dependent on enough people with my rare blood type donating but can do nothing to return this favour. It hurts when I read that commonly used statistic: 96% of us rely on the 4% who give blood. 

It was only when I said 'but doesn't your work provide a donation day? Or wouldn't you have thought about going with friends?' that his blank look really hit home. No one the giant knew in his daily routine was giving blood and certainly not on a regular basis.

I tweeted about this and had another shock- the only people replying were people like myself, who couldn't and wanted to as they understood the crucial need for blood donation. I simply couldn't wrap my head around it. Those who can in my family all give blood, we've learned what it means to be saved by it and as my sister once said 'some day, some one's blood may help save my sister, I want to do the same in return'.This from a girl who is rigid afraid of needles.

It prompted me to write this blog post to encourage you to give blood, encourage friends and family and be a superhero and literally save lives. If you do, please let me know. I'll be so proud of you!

For information about UK donations, please visit here.