Spinning Progress

Well it's official..... I made yarn

I have to say I loved playing with fibre and I completely and utterly understand the addiction to spinning. It is soothing and xen and you just feel so clever! I have so much to learn and my main issue was that I swapped for a second bobbin and put it on..... the wrong way round. So the second bobbin was less than smooth which is a shame as I was starting to spin really consistently. 

I am pleased though and while some spots are a little funky, I think I like what I produced. I couldn't stop laughing at the yarn before I'd given it a good soak and thwack. Talk about energised! I love the way though that you can calm it down. 

I see more spinning in my future. Of course the issue is now, what do you knit with an unknown yardage.... with an inconsistent weight? Anyone?