A Treat

I love second hand finds, especially if they're craft or cooking related. A little while back I attend Unravel but I neglected to share my prize find. While wandering around the different vendors we found a fabulous second hand stall with baskets, knitting accessories and all kinds of wonderful treasures. I lost a good half an hour looking lovingly at the items and decided something special had to come home and continue its craft life with me.

My purchase was a simple one: a repurposed box with knitting goodies inside. It wasn't purpose built but reclaimed for a crafty life by a knitter like myself. How do I know it was a knitter? Well, there were clues.....

Firstly I loved the box. Sadly, it had a sticker put on it some time ago so I need to get some fine steel wool and ease that off and give it a little beeswax to make it happy again. I googled the 'Punchenellos' label but couldn't find what this referred to. I'm intrigued, I'll admit!

Then there's the goodies inside: buttons, ribbons, trinkets and thread. I delved in further to find out more about this mystery crafter and found these little gems. 

Ah ha! A needle gauge and what else?

Tally marks inside the box. Love that