Wait? What?!?!

One of the things that I've enjoyed most about this blog is the space to share things I care a lot about. A lot of the blog as a result has been knitting, crafting and food related. These are my everyday experiences, things I now make a living out of and that keep me ticking. This is after all a playful blog and these are the things that keep me playful.

Tucked into this blog though have been posts about issues I care passionately about, politics and women's rights. These too are a huge part of who I am and I would be lying if I said they're not the kind of thing that I talk about daily. It really is very normal for me to talk about an issue such as gender stereotypes on an average day.

It's why when I discovered that I was pregnant I was faced with a slight dilemma. I loathe oversharing and I am very icky about sharing my personal life. Small snippets, yes.... a child? No. It's just not for me. The internet is a vast and huge presence and I like the inner sanctum of my personal relationships and soon to be family. 

However, as I experience my pregnancy and society's expectations of how a woman and her partner should behave, I have felt a growing need to share some of these experiences. I don't want to share gross out stories or wax lyrical about the joys of motherhood (hello, I'm only just entering my 5th month??) but I do want to voice some of the things I'm experiencing.

For example, our first maternity appointment started something like this:

Midwife: Come in! Mum, why don't you sit here and your husband can sit there?

Me: We may be in for a mighty long wait if you're waiting for my husband. 

I mean, really?!? In this day and age? I'm also stunned by the lack of mixed race couples portrayed in any literature about pregnancy and the complete lack of advice if you do not have a partner. As for same sex couples, they are thoughtfully bracketed under 'partners' while the rest of the sentence constantly refers to your partner as 'he'. 

In an effort to carve out a safe space for me and prepare for the birth, I took a pregnancy yoga class where the teacher actually said 'ladies, imagine your bundle of joy is in your arms and glow' before crooning on, 'of course, boys never sit still but some of you might be lucky enough to have a little girl'. In fear of howling in frustration during the meditation I promptly walked out. 

But luckily, there is a ray of sunshine in my week and I'm going to write about it soon as it has reminded me that I don't have to buy into this stereotyped drivel. Until then, I couldn't help but share my ever growing list of comedy fails. I can't call them anything else, it's too terrifying otherwise.