Happiness Hit Her....

I love knitting 

I know, I know, this comes as no surprise but I LOVE the way I fall out with it and then find it again, like an old friend patiently waiting for me. It doesn't judge me or resent me, just welcomes me back with it's soothing rhythm and yumminess. Sigh. 

My mojo kicked back in and I've been trying very hard to rest. It doesn't come easily and so knitting has been there to help, as it so often is. I went to a birth prep class on Saturday and was understandably a little tense and so I took along a baby hat to knit for a friend and remembered why I started knitting in the first place- it keeps me occupied and stops me clenching my jaw. Knitting just reminds me to take energy into something constructive rather than beating the hell out of myself. I have quite a talent for self torture. 

In returning to knitting with a vengeance I finished some socks for the giant. He gets just one pair a year as he has giant feet and doesn't particularly care about hand knitted socks. He's gradually changing his mind though as demonstrated this year when he put them straight on and sat wriggling his toes at me all night. I took this as a good sign and noted that hand knit socks were a yes. Although perhaps not too regular? His feet are enormous after all. 

I worked these up in some yarn I'd bought undyed from Fyberspates a while a go. I dyed them on a crafty day with a friend a few years back. In fact, I'd been dyeing skeins up on the day the giant and I had our kind of first date. Well, it was our first meet up before we went on a DATE DATE. You know how how labels help in those early days right? This was just a meetup so it didn't matter I had dye on my hands. Honest. 

Anyway, I wasn't convinced I'd have enough yarn for giant socks despite the fact he likes a shorter cuff (oh happy days) so I overdyed some leftover sock yarn in the stash. I like this way of using up scraps: odd cuffs, heels and toes. I'm never going to be a hexipuff girl so it seems a better solution to drowning in sock leftovers. 

 I'm mighty pleased with them as I tried really hard to work out the giant's perfect sock formula. The ankles will need to ribbed next time round but the heel and foot fit perfectly. I'll bare it in mind next year....