Time Travel

Did I wake up in the correct century this morning?

I yawned, found caffiene, injected it and sat reading the headlines and Twitter to see what was happening in the world. It's lucky I was doing this on my smartphone or I'd have convinced myself I was travelling back in time to an entirely different century. 

Firstly, I follow very few celebrities on Twitter but there is an actor I've always found interesting in both his talent and his interest in public debate and opinion. This morning he retweeted something to the effect that  re-examining women's rights was brave. I always hear alarm bells at this point. It is a right wing tendency to mock the 'soft left' for not being brave enough to make cuts, doom mongerish to not value austerity or too liberal to enter into tough talks about families/ women's rights. 

I beg to differ. It is not brave to say a woman does not have the right to choose her sexual partner or take reproductive control over her body. It is outdated and dangerous to not only women but to families, the economy and society. I can argue all 3 but I don't need to smack 'I'm being brave' in front of a statement because I'm about to say something controversial. I simply standby my opinion and reason it out. 

So please think about why you need to put brave in front of a statement. It's the equivalent of saying 'I'm sorry but...' no you're not sorry, so don't say it.

Then I picked up on a headline that George Galloway, MP, has offered the sage opinion that Assange is not guilty of rape because 'not every insertion needs permission'. By that logic, all my exes have access to my body George as once upon a time I made a decision to have sex with them. I would ask you to search your soul George but we already know you don't have one. 

Then I saw the 'legitimised rape' quote from Todd Akin and I just sat down, hard, in shock. 

Did someone set the clock to neanderthal this morning? I simply cannot believe these debates are even considered let alone offered in a public domain.

Normal playful service will resume over here in the next few days but I couldn't get over what I read this morning within 15 minutes of each other so I wrote a blog post as I also noted that it seems to be men discussing women's rights bravely. I applaud any man entering debate and taking interest in issues that affect over 50% of the world's population directly (and the rest indirectly). I just don't think these are brave so much as moronic. 


ETA: in response to this 'throwing-up-hands-in-the-air' style post, a very lovely man brought this marvellous article to my attention.  Rebecca Solnit has summarised my feelings entirely on why such offhand comments in the media should be concerning to men and women alike. I am entirely glad the man who pinged this to me is in my life because the more of those I have, the more reassured I am that silence is not expected nor accepted where women are concerned.