Duvet Day

Some days you need to hit the stop button. Often you hit it far, far, too late and find yourself tired and desperate by the time you realise you should have planned time out sooner. 

Today I've decided to hit the stop button. I was going to work, run errands and had lots planned but as the day progressed I realised my head, body and heart were weary and I need to just stop. Now. 

I have changed out of my top, smart jeans and walking shoes in favour of handknit socks, yoga pants and a snuggly jumper. I have knitting, I have Ravelry, I have sunshine streaming in on me from a beautiful day where I can see the leaves being painted yellow as autumn moves in. I have cups of tea and if I really wanted I could work out which box holds a blanket and could be unpacked to snuggle under. Only if I really wanted though. 

Music choice?

Oh Adele on days like this. Followed by Joni Mitchell. Naturally.