I feel I should point out something before I launch into this post: I am not a fan of the videocast. I have tried. I swear. I want to like them. I do. I appreciate the effort, the access, the welcoming community but I just can't get behind them. I have often wondered why it is I'm not drawn to the many, many out there in the same way I am audio podcasts. 

I have a few theories that I've come to realise over the course of the last few weeks as I have found myself watching about half a dozen quite a lot. This is new for me and it made me wonder what my original problem was with the videocast. I realise it's a lot about your viewing/ listening habit. I'm a traveller. I found the podcast scene when I racked up hours and hours of commuting a week and they kept me company on nights of insomnia without bothering anyone else in the house. This is when I would access podcasts and I listen to dozens and hungrily devour back episodes. I don't watch tv so the habit of sitting in front of the a programme in the evening after work, videocast or other, just doesn't resonate with me. I'd rather switch on a podcast while I cook or potter around.

HOWEVER..... I have half a dozen I am watching most days recently and catching up on old episodes. I've always tuned in to Round The Twist and The KnitGirllls but now there is CraftStash and 90% Knitting added into the daily cycle. Yarnivore makes me chuckle and I'm hankering to find a few more but I struggle when I do this. I realise the other thing that's left me cold before with videocasts is that you can see. Well, DUH! But seriously, I enjoy the way a good podcaster describes their process/ the yarn or reviews a book. They have to be thorough, they have to tell you all the details and get it right because it's not right there in front of you. I suspect the reason I like these is that the audio and visual is quality both in terms of tech and presentation. They are very good at describing their process and despite wanting my knits and wanting them now, I love to hear all about someone else's process. 

So what do you watch? What would you recommend?