Well I had to giggle looking at the last post: anticipation? Wow. Yes. A very eagerly anticipated arrival finally made her way into the world last week and I've tried several times since to gather my thoughts enough to sharing some news and musings on life with a playful bundle. 

I can't. 

There's too much joy. Too many high emotions. Too many life lessons and things I realise slowly like a light gradually climbing in through a crack..... 'oh.... that's what matters? Huh....'

Our playful babe was born Sunday, 4th 2012 at 11:42 and is one week old today. I'm already wondering where does time go? It just goes with a new born and you savour every moment. Yes, even the 3am wake up party because she's here. 

She's finally here. 

Thanks to all the well wishes, kind messages, gifts and general buzz. We felt like the world was as excited as we were. Which is, of course, impossible. No one would ever get anything done!

More soon.