Growing So Fast

I had to do a dreaded chore the other day: store outgrown baby clothes. It's great that Playful Baby is growing but sad that time passes so quick and my teeny tiny cuddle buddy is growing up so fast. Where does time go?

So I pulled on the next hat I expected her to be able to wear and horrors! It's too small. What's worse is that this is a hand knit. It's not just one either....

This is one of the few hats I managed to make before PB arrived early. It's the Magic Coffee Baby Hat by Tracy Kay a free pattern available on Ravelry. It's a super quick knit and nicely written for 3 different sizes in DK. I used scraps of stash and thought it was more 3 month size once she was born.

Not so!

Which now means I need to find time to knit some more hats. I have a few to tide me over but things don't last too long is what I'm realising. So I'm about to go and pull some stash out and look at hats that are super quick to knit and easy to pull on.

I'll report back!