Island by Jane Richmond Blog Tour

Almost a year ago, I asked Jane to be my Valentine and celebrated her fabulous eye for design and pattern writing. I have long admired Jane's disarmingly simple aesthetic that has lead to a powerhouse collection of stylish of patterns for women, me and children's garments and accessories. Her patterns are intuitively written and I've spent many a happy hour perusing her library of patterns as there's so many that look fun to knit. So I was over the moon when I heard there was a book in the works. 

Some of you may remember me waxing lyrical about the fab video she put out as a hint of things to come. I loved the photography, the music, the knitting..... I just wanted my hands on that book as soon as I saw it. I love knitting collections that go beyond the knitwear into a book that even non knitters will admire. Apparently, this is just what Jane had in mind: a coffee table book that rolled all things knitty and beautiful about her home island into one. 

Strathcona (c) Nicholas Kupiak
As a later entrant in the blog tour I thought about trying to present the book in a slightly different way and look at the more editorial design choices of the book. If you want to read the other fantastic blog posts, please follow the links here. There's the nuts and bolts of course: 5 unique patterns, available both digitally and in hard copy. However, it's not just this that makes my heart sing. It's the care that Jane takes in her pattern design, writing and presentation that really gets me going as a knitter. The book inspires me visually as well as creatively. Here's a few reasons why......

Grace (c) Nicholas Kupiak
This collection features handknits inspired by life on Vanouver Island and is lovingly presented with exquisite photographs that demonstrate just why the island is so inspiring. It's a moody collection that begs to be treated indulgently and when I got my copy I popped the kettle on, got some favourite chocolate and nestled down to read; it's that kind of book. There's a lot of pages for a 5 piece collection so you can turn to this book time and again to indulge. 

About those pages: no information is left out. At the back of the book you will find a clear sizing chart, directory, resources and the patterns are clear and expertly written without becoming cluttered and overwhelming. A nice touch is the sizing- in the patterns you have a blank that you can pencil in the size that you are knitting from the chart at the back rather than navigate 11 (yes 11) sizing options. A nice touch that shows Jane is thinking of the experience of working from her patterns.  

Arbutus (c) Nicholas Kupiak
Each design has multiple pictures so you have a good idea of how your finished product will look. No saggy bits hidden by arty photography. It's appealing but it's clear. Perfect for knitwear. 

Finally, I love the book itself. The binding is strong enough for it to feel like a real book and polished but its' size means that it is easy to prop open and keep open with something like, say, a coffee cup (or glass of gin and tonic). The paper feels high quality and nice to touch and the size of the book makes it perfect for knitting on the move.

Renfrew (c) Nicholas Kupiak
So if this review has made you curious about where you can get your hands on a copy, please visit Jane's website where you will find the following details and more about the book. 


Print copies of ISLAND are now available through, and Please don't forget to write a review once you've had a look at the book, it really helps to allow others to discover the book. 

Of course there's also the option to win a copy right here too! One lucky commenter will receive their own signed copy of the book if you can tell me your favourite pattern of Jane's in the comment of this blog post. Answer before 1st March 2012 and check back here on the 2nd for the announcement. Good luck!