Helpful Resources for Getting Started for Knit and Crochet Designers

It's been wonderful sharing the skills and tools that designers use to produce high quality knitting and crochet patterns to sell. In this post, I'm sharing useful links and resources to help you plan your Creative Business. Whether it's getting more training on vital skills such as marketing and pricing or getting your head around a business plan and accounts, setting up your own business takes some careful planning. Once you've done all that, how you communicate it with the world takes some careful consideration too. So here's some of the free resources I've found really useful when supporting clients. 

Useful Links For Starting Your Own Creative Business

Useful places to look for support:

The Design Trust - I love this website that's packed full of free resources and 1000's of useful links to follow up on if you're a Creative wishing to turn your skills into a serious business. You can register to become a member and there are regularly webinars which makes this UK based company much more accessible for everyone. 

The Creative School for Start Ups- A UK based course aimed at entrepreneurs looking to start up their own creative business. Not in the UK? Their Twitter and social media feeds are some of the most useful in my timeline so a great one to follow. - A website that showcases Handmade Businesses. There's a community element with boards and forums as well as a Directory and their magazine has proven very inspirational as the featured makers in each edition are a something like a case study for how to go about creating and selling your handmade products. Again, useful for those outside the UK as well as within. - It's always worth becoming a member of the forums and community boards for each platform you use to sell your products. There is advice and tips from other traders as well as webinars and resources constantly being shared. I have also used these to find local Etsy support groups that run events to train up their sellers on how to effectively plan, sell and market their products. - Another sellers platform worth dipping into. 

Enterprise Nation- The blog alone is worth adding to your regular business reading but I also love the funding it regularly highlights for entrepreneurs as well as resources and courses. Their newsletter makes me eager to learn all the time!

CraftBlogUK- Written by Hilary Pullen who recently published Online Marketing for Your Craft Business' (I reviewed it here). Hilary shares lots of tips and tricks for free on her blog such as increasing your blog audience or adding social media share buttons. 

With all of these links I've shared, their social media streams and newsletters are worth following to keep up to date and source new business support. The number of times an article has been shared or a course announced that I was pondering seeking more information about is quite uncanny!


A specific issue raised in the Designalong discussion thread was VATMOSS. Here's a few useful links to get you started:

Ysolda's thorough blog post.  

The Storify link to the Vatmoss Twitter chat Ysolda hosted 

Emerging advice for Small Businesses on how to deal with VATMOSS changes

Ravelry's response to VATMOSS 

How the new changes to EU VAT rules effect your Digital Products via Blogtacular. 



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More design inspirations heading your way tomorrow from a designer who crochets and hand knits!