This Month I Wish I was Knitting..... The Sweater Edition.

It would seem all the inspiration I could possibly need has hit me. This week, designers are releasing fab new patterns everywhere, I went stash diving (more on that in a moment) and I've started 2015 with one resolution: a better work/ life balance. My resolution thus far has meant more time to tidy up the house, knit and be inspired. I am one content and excited crafter right now!

joji's 3 colour cashmere cowl

Yesterday I was determine to do two things: choose colours from my stash to make Joji's fabulous 3 colour cashmere cowl and settle on a sweater and swatch the yarn. How hard could it be right? Well, anyone who found me on Instagram yesterday will know I was knee deep in stash and had to call in a knit friend for an intervention. Who knew yarn could be so captivating? 

... yes, I know the stupidity of what I just said. Let's move on shall we?

As I was knee deep in stash and checking yardages of my many queued sweaters, I kept seeing new patterns popping up in my feed. OH NO! Like a moth to the flame I have queued and have swatching plans for multiple sweaters. My dear friend Lisa released an entire collection of new shawls! I might not be heard of for some time people....

I'm swatching for:

This was an instant love affair for me as it ticks all the right boxes: length, pockets, deep button band and texture that makes hand dyes sing. I have been slowly falling under the spell of Melissa too, she's a seriously talented designer. I can't wait to get to know her pattern writing. I'm going to admit to being a little intimidated by picking up for button bands and getting enough knitting time to get into the swing of those textured stitches so they become a comfort knit. However, I've read through the pattern and it's extremely clear so I feel I just need to take the plunge really. 

What will I be using?

Plump, squooshy and non pilly. This is a hand dyed colourway from Jeni's hand dyeing glory days.  

Swatching number 2...

  Climb Every Mountain  by Heidi Kirrmaier

Climb Every Mountain by Heidi Kirrmaier

I adore this look. An oversize sweater or tee with a longsleeve tshirt underneath and jeans is basically my staple look. It's practical, warm and stylish enough that I don't feel like a frumpy tired out mum even on those days I do inside! It's also low yardage and has that 'simple enough with a little interest' thing that I love in my knitting projects. The low yardage thing reminded me I had this stash I have had no plans for:

Yes. It's green. I am trying to move on from Green, I swear! I'm also aware I'm working with 2 discontinued hand dyers work and I swear I'm not doing this to taunt you!

The sweater that instantly joined the queue of MUST KNITS?

Justyna seems to have this incredible habit of churning out to die for knits. She knits like a machine too- have you seen the videos she posts on Facebook? I could knit so much more if I moved my needles that fast! I adore this stylish, textured cardigan and will be keeping an eye out for worsted sweater quantities this year. Yum. 

I queued the entire collection:

Did you spot this release just before Christmas? Let me assure you I did and my heart stopped a little. I'm convinced that someone at Quince and Co has direct access to my brain and the aesthetic that just makes me want to knit. 'Home: 18 knittable projects to keep you comfy' by Pam Allen is a collection I need to get my hands on and work my way through. Then I will waft around in my cool, creamy coloured knitwear and be a paragon of xen motherhood and stylish home living. Yes. It's going to happen. No more rice crispies in my hair. 


So that's just some of my knitting inspiration this month. What's been on your radar?