Interpretations 2

Something very special came my way today. My fingers were half frozen from the cold day we'd spent walking through our favourite London spots and I hurried my family home, eager to be in the warm. I punched my phone on with idyll curiosity and saw an intriguing invite, "want to see the new collection before we publish?" It was the perfect way with which to discover Joji Locatelli and Veera Valimaki's latest collaboration: Interpretations 2. To say I settled in to warm up from the cold outside was an understatement, this is a collection that I couldn't wait to indulgently read while thawing out from our grand day out in the cold city. 

Interpretations has always made me feel like Spring each time I've looked at it: bright landscapes, light and versatile layers and a rich palette of spring colours on fantastic neutrals. In this follow up collection though, the mood is pure winter juxtaposed with rich jewel tones and intriguing texture. This follow up collection is like remembering all the things you love about the cold after the fun summer you spent with a good friend. 

 True by Joji Locatelli

True by Joji Locatelli

The collection is broken into themes that suit the landscape Veera and Joji draw their inspiration from. Images of pines and wintry beaches sit alongside sweaters, coats and shawls. For example, you will find the True Cardigan in the 'Pure' section with the description "This design is about the simplicity of knitting something that makes you happy without needing anything added."  Worked up in Madelinetosh DK high twist, this is a cardigan to wear and wear.  With a full range of sizes, schematics and clear layout and pattern writing, it's a design to enjoy the simple pleasure of knitting too. An instant addition to my ever growing queue. 

 True Friend by Veera Valimaki

True Friend by Veera Valimaki

In almost direct answer is Veera's True Friend, which you'll find nestled in the 'Focus' section. What is really noticable from this collection is that each designer has brought their previous design work with them, with instantly recognisable motifs and shapes. This sweater reminded me a lot of Veera's 3/4 Hap Shawl and Juniper. The joy of this collaboration is that both designers push their designs further still with the clear aesthetic that has emerged from their collaboration and with it comes something that is delightfully uncluttered and very grown up. 

There are surprises to be found here too, new lines and shapes that are intriguing and suggest new directions for both Joji and Veera that I enjoyed discovering a lot. For example...

  Salt and Sand  by Veera Valimaki

Salt and Sand by Veera Valimaki

  Adventurous  by Joji Locatelli

Adventurous by Joji Locatelli


Interpretations 2 is another collection that proves once again what good collaboration can lead to. It's smart, uncluttered and accessible. I'm going to finish another whiskey (it's Burns Night, it's practically required) and read over it some more. 


More soon! xx