An Inspired 2015: Treasured Memories

This morning, the Tot and I batted through the weather to our local Synagogue where a weekly dance class is held for little wrigglers. While the Tot tippy-toed and whirled I was struck by the pieces of children's art pinned around the hall, exploring the feelings the Holocaust evoked in them. I was struck that memory is a complex thing whether it comes from our own personal experience or the collective whole of our society. How we record those memories and share them is a really interesting process and one I'd already decided to explore in this first theme for An Inspired 2015. It's funny how these things seems to follow you when you concentrate on them isn't it?

For the next month, I will be exploring the theme of...

treasured memories banner

So let February be the month to remember the joy of sitting down to write a special letter, to finally find a home for those ticket stubs you've been meaning to place somewhere meaningful and to pause and enjoy documenting a specific event. 

I hope to inspire you with ideas for memory keeping and how we can use those little pieces of debris we collect along the way as moments of new inspiration and meaning in our craft. 

For now, let's start with a prompt: where do you like to document special memories? Please do let me know whether it is in the Playful group, on Twitter or here in the comments. Also, stay tuned for a very special podcast episode this Saturday- there will be giveaways, stories and some creative challenges exploring the theme of memory keeping and a new swap that celebrates all the romance of a handwritten letter. 


Stay inspired! #aninspired2015