Slow Fashion October: Worn

Sashiko: A Japanese form of decorative reinforcement stitching (functional embroidery), traditionally used to reinforce or repair garments.
 Sashiko example found  via Pinterest

Sashiko example found via Pinterest

One of my favourite pieces of mending has to be my Reworked Jeans project. Patching, over dyeing and adding a little Sashiko, saved jeans destined for the charity shop pile. There was a real sense of achievement in making my clothes work a little longer rather than just giving up and buying more. It's 3 months on and I have worn and worn these jeans. Not only has the patch held but I really love the little detail on an otherwise plain outfit. (I am a plain tee, grey scarf, jeans and sneakers kind of girl)

  Reworked Jeans - pin for later

Reworked Jeans- pin for later

The project was such a success that I've been inspecting another pair of jeans with glee because I think they could be much improved by some visible mending too!

This time though, I'm thinking I might not dye the jeans but work with that faded denim glory. There's something really amazing that happens with the embroidery as visible mending on denim. I'm not sure if it's the fact that jeans are so utilitarian and quite tough but I am really drawn to the way Sashiko and denim work together. 

I recently fell in love with this image of Sashiko and patching jeans that I saved on Pinterest:

 Sashiko Image  via Pinterest

Sashiko Image via Pinterest

In my first attempt I didn't widen the hole that I was patching at all and went a little freestyle to stitch around it. I was being cautious of making a hole worse but I think if I want to make the best of the detail, I can snip the worn knees wider and trim back the edges a little so that I can really show the patch. Then it's an evening with some good tv and a darning needle...

Have you got any good Sashiko examples? I'd love to add them to my Pinterest Board. Please don't feel bad about feeding my current obsession. I'm *almost* entirely harmless.