Hello From The Other Side

A few months ago I fell madly, deeply in love. 

The Isle of Purbeck

Armed with cameras and a tent, my friend and I took ourselves off for a creative retreat that changed my life forever. You can prepare for lots of things on a trip away but life changing love isn't one of them.

  (Photo by Clare Devine)

 (Photo by Clare Devine)

Tucked into the Dorset coastline I found myself desperate to escape London. This wasn't a new feeling. I'd been feeling smothered by the noise, the smell and taste of my city for such a long time. I found the fast pace stifling and the seriousness with which everything was treated just made me crave my knitting basket and a good audio book. I wasn't enjoying London and suddenly in that weekend was another life, a life full of possibility and joy. 

I tried to make other options work and I tried hard to bury the craving for big open skies and vast coastal walks. I heard the call of the sea and listened, hoping it wasn't going to make me wild with need. Yet every few weeks I found myself jumping in a car and travelling down to breathe it all in. Then something amazing happened: I found a cottage. Or rather, someone found me, saw my need and offered me a route in. 

Overnight everything changed and I started putting in place the things that needed to happen to take my daughter and I from a gritty city post code to a thatched home tucked into a my beloved coastline. Our cottage won't be ready until early Summer but I knew my path so in the last month I found a temporary place, canceled  the alternative relocation plans and enrolled Little One in a preschool she can thrive in. 

Decisions that involve massive change are never easy and yet somehow, this one burst from within me. I needed it. I needed to feel the land sweep away to join vast open skies and I needed to tell my stories to the sea everyday. I knew I was on the right path despite the overwhelming pressure not to make a mistake that comes from having a young daughter who you are raising on your own. 

So the reason there's been no podcast and very limited blogging is because I've jumped and have been focusing on getting us settled. I've landed and I can honestly say, I have no regrets. Right now a storm is making the power flicker and the internet speed is patchy as hell but you know what? I'm going to make it work. 

Sometimes the rewards are greater than the fear of the jump. 

Lulworth Cove

Sometimes you thank your lucky stars that you're a risk taker. 

I'm not too sure what lies ahead at this point. I'll still be snapping, writing and providing business support. I'll play around with the podcast soon and see how things upload. I'll blog, I'm sure  of it because it feels good to record this change. 

Bear with me. Love is an overwhelming feeling. And I'm so very glad to feel it.