Colour Infatuation

I think I have a problem..

green yarn inspirations

A quick look through the last 5 projects and the next two confirmed it: I'm in a green phase. If you asked me what colour I love more than anything I'll answer 'GREY' in a shot but the green on my needles is telling a different story. 

First there's the garter stitch 'wearable blanket' I'm plodding through...

green garter stitch work in progress

I'm a sucker for garter stitch too. I just love the way it looks but I will admit, I'm craving something other than plain knit. It might be time to break out this green and plain knit rut!

green sweater wip

Yes, that's my second wip- a sweater I've cast on 8 times. EIGHT! I'm not a fan of ribbing either so it's been like some sort of crafter's torture to keep redoing it. 

If you want to know more details about these green projects, I'll be chatting about them in next week's podcast but for today I just wanted to illustrate how out of control green appears to have got in my making. I decided I should look into my wardobe and see what I am planning on pairing all this green with. 

green clothes & accessories

Yep. 3 items of green. It seems I don't actually wear green? I'm going to style this out as my creative right or something. Next winter, my wardrobe is clearly getting a big green thumbs up!