Featuring Gabi Cox of Chroma Stationery

Last week I shared my joy at one of the best journals I've ever bought (and I've bought quite a few). Today I'm sharing an interview with Gabi Cox the founder of Chroma Stationery

Chroma Stationery personalised notebooks

Tell us about Chroma Stationery 
"Chroma Stationery is a brand all about colour. I have always been fascinated by peoples relationships with colour, why they have favourites and hate others. Colour evokes emotions, feelings and memories and can remind you of people, places and moments in life. This is why there are 20 colours available across the three current Chroma ranges."
"Chroma also provides a free embossing service allowing customers to create a truly unique notebook. I gift wrap each order as I believe that everyone deserves to open a beautiful parcel and receive a personalised product no matter their budget!"

Chroma Stationery font and logo

Why journals? 
"I love notebooks and have collected them for as long as I can remember. I also found that the current market was full of either boring, corporate looking notebooks or more ‘childish’ notebooks covered in patterns. I wanted a plain, no fuss notebook in a beautiful colour. There was also a divide in the current market price wise - you could either spend a fortune on a luxury notebook or pennies on a very boring, bad quality one. I wanted something in the middle! "

chroma story.jpg

Do you keep or use a journal?
"Yes I do! I am an avid note take and list writer. I am always jotting down ideas and thoughts and keep a notebook next to my bed at all times. I would be lost without my journal."

embossed journal via Chroma Stationery

Chroma feels like a very personal journey- from the names of the colours to the personalised product. What do you love most about growing your own company?
"It is very personal and I love creating personal products for every customer. Thanks to the personalised embossing, each notebook I put together has its own story behind it - I love this idea!"
"Growing my own brand is so exciting, I love working for myself and learning as the company grows. Nothing beats watching something become successful due to your own hard work."


An Inspired 2015 design

Love what you see? Don't forget you can get your hands on this collaborative design that Gabi and I created for you and it's 20% off till March 31st 2015. 

To order the A Playful Day embossing design shown above (front: 'An Inspired 2015', back: 'playful days') please visit the Chroma website, choosing your colour notebook and the colour of embossing - your notebook will then feature the A Playful Day design! Remember you can choose whether your book is spiral bound or not and dictate what the paper will be inside. The discount code is - PLYFLDY1. Code will expire 31st March 2015 so grab yours now! 

Be sure to let us know on social media by tagging me (@aplayfulday) or Chroma (@chromasationery) and #aninspired2015.