Home and Away by Hannah Fettig

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One of the biggest responses that I have ever had to my podcast came from a throw away comment that I made recently, stating that there is a vast difference between the wardrobe I picture wearing and that which is actually in my wardrobe. It sparked a series of interactions from listeners who agreed that they needed some new wardrobe essentials that they could feel stylish and comfortable wearing each day. So when I interviewed Hannah Fettig recently for the podcast, I was really struck by her commitment to hand crafting a wearable wardrobe. I felt like Hannah understood the term ‘uniform’ without making me feel frumpy. I want go to sweaters that swing softly and fit well; Hannah’s latest book assures me that I can get there. 

 Home and Away by Hannah Fettig

Home and Away by Hannah Fettig

Home and Away is Hannah’s latest (and entirely self-published) book.  The fact that the book is dedicated to Knitters and Adventurers let me know that while I will cuddle into my beautiful sweaters, I’m not meant to stay at home but live and explore in them. These sweaters are meant to be enjoyed and look good at the same time. 

In these pages you will find knits that will become 
wardrobe essentials—nothing ornate or precious, 
but pieces with simple lines
knit in wonderful, well-wearing wool.

- Hannah Fettig, intro to Home and Away

I looked at the digital copy of this book and instantly liked the smart features- easy navigation within the book, quick links to Ravelry and also linking to useful tutorials and other places to find Hannah such as Twitter and Instagram. The beautiful styling and incredibly helpful advice sections however are making me crave a paper copy- this book will get pulled from a shelf time and time again.  

 Beautifully styled and presented knits

Beautifully styled and presented knits

There’s a few things that make this a new staple for my knit book collection for me:

  1. Smart advice- peppered throughout the book are sections such as yarn substitution, gauge issues and how to solve them as well as fit and finishing advice. This goes beyond a pattern book and somewhere much closer to a how-to for sweater knitters. With my recent commitments to a handmade wardrobe, I can see these pages becoming heavily thumbed as I return to sections for support. 
  2. Alternative construction- I love this flexible approach! Hannah offers both flat and seamless construction and talks you through the how and why you might want to go this route. I found this really educational as I have a real aversion to seaming which means I automatically reach for in the round instructions rather than thinking about which construction might flatter my shape more.   
  3. A new uniform- Hannah admitted that she tends to wear the same sweaters in her own daily life and I can easily see these patterns becoming staples in mine. The shapes are elegant and feminine without fuss or questionable details that might not age well. Highlights for me are the Moto Jacket, Rosemont and Boothbay for their flowing lines and great use of simple stitches that let beautiful yarn shine. 
  Boothbay  by Hannah Fettig

Boothbay by Hannah Fettig

  Moto Jacket  by Hannah Fettig

Moto Jacket by Hannah Fettig

  Rosemont  by Hannah Fettig

Rosemont by Hannah Fettig


A note from Daphne at The Fibre Co explaining why she is supporting the distribution of Hannah's latest release:

I first met Hannah through a LYS in Portland, Maine during the early days of launching The Fibre Co. It took no time at all to realize the depth of her knitting talent and we soon began working together. Hannah started the I Heart The Fibre Co. group on Ravelry back in the day when we were all figuring out what we wanted to do and how we wanted to engage with our new way of connecting. I was there when the editor of Hannah’s first book recognized her talent at a trade show while Hannah was helping out in our stand. My connection to Hannah runs deep. 

When the opportunity came along to distribute Hannah’s books and patterns across Europe, I jumped at the chance. I knew that my time involved with Hannah’s publications would be enjoyable, but most importantly, I wanted to play whatever role I could to introduce Hannah’s gift to a wider audience. There isn’t a single design of Hannah’s that I wouldn’t knit and wear. With its nine highly wearable and very knittable designs, Home & Away is full of ideas, inspiration and heaps of thoughtful advice. The book is now available from The Fibre Company (UK) Ltd.