Wips and Blooms

I have a passion for seasonal details. 

 #wipsandblooms with A Playful Day

#wipsandblooms with A Playful Day

I honestly can't get enough playful changes in colour as the seasons change and love to lose myself in discovering new flowers, crops and plants as they burst to life. Whether it's the changing bird song I note as I'm striding through my day or the delicate blossom that just opened up, I find these moments so grounding when time feels like it's moving too fast. 

It happens quite often that I'll catch myself snapping a bloom alongside my knitting while sharing on Instagram and about a month ago I added the comment "why isn't #wipsandblooms a thing? Someone should make it a thing!" Apparently I did because I just spent a glorious breaktime looking at all the projects people are tagging with the hashtag already. It makes for a really pleasant brain break I can assure you. 

Here's a few of my particular favourites:

 #wipsandblooms June round up

#wipsandblooms June round up

Top left: @contentedlife

Top Right: @mmontzka

Bottom Left: @takingamomentintime

Bottom Right: @timberandtwine.co


Want to join in? It's simple. Snap a pic of your favourite blooms with your current work in progress and share with the hashtag #wipsandblooms. If you can tag me (@aplayfulday) that would be even better because I'm sure to know you're playing along when I get a notification. Also, it means other people discover that this is happening and want to join in- more pretties for us to feast our eyes on and be inspired by!

I'm not fussy, it can be any of your making and any bloom. Show me what's making your days playful and I'll be back next month with another round up of my favourites!

Happy creating!