Resonating This Week

Do you ever have one of those moments when you flip open a magazine or are listening to a podcast or radio feature and someone says something that completely encapsulates your current mood? It speaks to you so much that you kind of stop everything you're doing and pay even more attention? It can be a simple phrase that hangs in the air, wraps itself around you and penetrates somewhere to your very core. 

I wanted to share a few phrases and thoughts that had that exact effect on me this week. 


"I've impressed everyone I'm ever going to impress. Now I just follow my own path, and do things because they interest me, keep me stimulated, and seem worthwhile" - Tracey Thorn

I adore this quote from an article featuring Tracy's personal journey as a musician, mother and creative in this month's The Simple Things magazine. I love the idea of a woman defining her journey on her own terms just because she wants to explore something. I crave constant inspiration and it's why I read and listen to so many things. These words popped right out of the page at me and confirmed that sometimes you just have to pursue what you truly love and are inspired by.

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"Let some things GO!"- Tara Swiger

I listen to Tara's weekly podcast  as I run errands. There is always food for thought when listening to this particular podcast and I was really drawn to the topic 'The Secret to Having More Time". I've been feeling so overwhelmed by life circumstances getting in the way of bringing some of my ideas to realisation. I feel inhibited and frustrated, as if I'm not meant to be living the life I'm in right now. 

Something in Tara's words about prioritising and focusing on what's the most important thing to do in the time you have available resonated deeply. Rather than fighting to find the room and time to grow perhaps what I need to do is look at the biggest barriers in front of me right now and tackle those first? I'm now looking at those mountains to climb with relish because on the other side is great treasure to be found: dream chasing. 

If you like Tara's podcast, you can catch her on A Playful Day this weekend. I can't wait to share all she has to say with you. 

Living in balance, indulging your creativity and pursuing your personal goals

Living in balance, indulging your creativity and pursuing your personal goals

Play, do it because you want to. You may expand (or deflate) a project at your whim; that is a special kind of luxury. Don’t compare yourself and trust the process. You are exactly where you are meant to be.  - Monique Cormack

Emily Quinton has been talking about not doing it all this week too and brought this great blog post to my attention. I identified with so much of what both Emily and Monique had to say but the part that really gave me food for thought was that I could expand or deflate a project at my whim. A really important idea to me while I'm saying to myself, 'Not now. Dream. Just don't chase it. Address this first instead'. The idea that it will grow when I'm ready is exactly the motivation I need. 


"If you love it and you want to breathe it and it's your dream and it's your happy place?You will find a way." Shannon Cook on the Woolful podcast

With these magical words, Shannon brought me full circle. Pressing pause on dreaming big and growing something while I focus on other areas of my life doesn't mean I can't dream. I can look to the horizon and start to feel what's beyond it, waiting for me to kick it up a notch. 


In the meantime, there's play. Always play. 

That is pretty special if you ask me.