15 Mins With.... Hart + Honey

A couple of weeks ago I launched a new feature for the blog, '15 Mins with....' and have been having so much fun getting to know some of my favourite people. Today I'm sharing some words from Lily and Ashley, the creators behind Hart + Honey, a collective that produces a journal that I adore- Study

15 mins with Hart and Honey (Study)

 Please introduce yourself in your own words and what it is that you create. 

We are Hart+Honey Collective : a partnership between Lily (photographer) and Ashley (stylist+designer) that began in effort to explore the beauty of creative collaboration. We host an online space to encourage and provide resources for creative individuals and produce a single-topic nature journal STUDY which we release three times a year. 

Your journal places collaboration at the heart of it's success, from the way you produce it as a team to the other magazines and artist you work with. What does collaboration mean to you?

We began HH in 2013 after helping one another on various personal and professional projects. It quickly became obvious that when working together our final product was stronger -- more eyes, opinions, experience and encouragement made the process more fun and the results more interesting. Since then we've passionately encouraged other freelancers to join forces and work together! It can be exciting to go out on your own but quickly become a lonely endeavor when working solo. Collaboration means working together to create something bigger and better than either one could have achieved on their own. 

15 Mins with Hart + Honey

How has your collaboration made you stronger as two women working in the online/ publishing world?

When we approach other artists or companies with ideas and submission requests, having two names and an exposition product definitely adds some credibility to our work. It's like saying "look, there's already a second person on board with this, you should be, too!" They see our commitment to each other and our work and I think that gives them a basis of trust to collaborate with us. 

You host a segment online aimed at supporting creative communities and businesses. Why have you devoted so much space on your online home to for this?

We are passionate about people doing work that they love. Whether it's full time, part-time or the extra work they do in their free time. Featuring folks online introduces them to a whole new audience and encourages gives our readers a first hand, honest account of how other people are doing work they love. It's our way of giving them a big ol' twenty first century high five. 

15 Mins with Hart + Honey

Each study is a publication that practices a finely tuned focus on one particularly topic. How do you think this helps you find new talent to write and create with?

It's been so fun to seek out and be introduced to people in fields we might not otherwise overlap. For instance, our 2015 winter issue will study WOOD so we've been talking with a really talented photographer who happens to be a park ranger. For the Sea Issue we sat down with a good friend who spent a summer on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska. And spent two days on a sheep farm photographing for the wool issue.  It's been fascinating to learn about these respective fields offering a "behind the scenes" look at the things we all enjoy and consume but don't always have access to first hand. It's truly been a STUDY for us - like homework and field trips that we get to assign ourselves! 
And because each issue is a specific topic, people are really excited to suggest makers or Chiefs or stories that they associate with it - I think it feels more personal that way



Who would you like to see featured in 15 Mins With? Let me know, I love to discover new stories!