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Welcome I'm Kate and I like to tell tales.

My love for storytelling was instilled by my grandfather who spent many hours weaving tales together for me with little else other than his powerful imagination. It was my father who taught me the rule of thirds when I was given my first camera. Equipped with the ability to capture and tell tales, my life of chasing inspiration and creativity began. It eventually led me here, to A Playful Day. 

This is a space that I created as a reminder to seek playful moments that invigorate us and make our hearts glad. On the blog you will find stories about parenthood, musings on life, recipes and projects I’m working on, personal or professional. On the podcast, I share stories about creative process, identity and motivation with featured guests, projects and as much inspiration as I can hope to pack into 40 minutes of audio. From the very start, this place has been somewhere to collect thoughts and document things that bring joy and strength. 

You are so welcome here. 

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A note for brands, companies and those looking to work together: 

From time to time I accept paid collaborations and I can provide stats and figures upon request. These days though, I'm mostly funding the podcast via Patreon and blogging for pleasure though. If you're interested in working with me as a professional, you might wish to pop across to my professional pages; I'm a freelancer for hire. 

All press requests should go via my contact page. Many thanks!

Stay playful!

- Kate x