Announcing a Collaboration with Chroma Stationery

I have a journal problem. 

I'm fairly sure a lot of you can relate to this addiction. There's something intensely satisfying about a favourite pen, a journal and all your creative ideas, travel notes or garden plans being jotted inside. I must own about 15 journals and 6 are actively in use at any given time. To me, there's nothing better than a stack of magazines, a pen, a journal, my knitting and a long train ride. 

You can imagine my excitement then when a parcel arrived with the tell tale sticker on the front from Chroma Stationery. After the success of the 'Journal along' last year and the theme of travel and Treasured Memories creating lots of journal chatter this year, I just had to see if Chroma Stationery could create the perfect journal. 

You know what?

 'An Inspired 2015 journal' with silver embossing

'An Inspired 2015 journal' with silver embossing

They did. 

Gabi, Chroma's founder, created her company after years of trying to find a good quality notebook that won't break the bank and came in the exact colour she wanted. Chroma is all about colour and has 20 different options for your journal, each with its own name and personality. Let me tell you now that choosing just the right one nearly broke me (in the end I opted for 'Meredith' because of my grey love). 

 My journal's back cover has a little motto for me 'playful days' to remember while journalling

My journal's back cover has a little motto for me 'playful days' to remember while journalling

Chroma offer a free embossing service where you can choose exactly what to put on your notebook, in your chosen font and size. You can opt for plain, lined or square paper (hello knit designers!) and there's an option for bound or spiral bound. 

Chroma journal, wrapped.jpg

Your order comes beautifully wrapped with the Chroma story and mission tucked inside for you to read once you've torn off the paper and delved gleefully into your bespoke notebook. Cookie while opening is optional of course. 

 Hart and Honey magazines, Rooibos and my journal. Perfect. 

Hart and Honey magazines, Rooibos and my journal. Perfect. 

So here it is, my perfect journal, ready to capture all my hopes, dreams, ideas, travels and journeys this year for An Inspired 2015. It gets better though because I've collaborated with Chroma Stationery to create this journal and you can get one too!

Chroma are offering a 20% discount code when you order a Chroma notebook with the A Playful Day embossing design shown above (front: 'An Inspired 2015', back: 'playful days'). To order please visit the Chroma website, choosing your colour notebook and the colour of embossing - your notebook will then feature the A Playful Day design! Remember you can choose whether your book is spiral bound or not and dictate what the paper will be inside. The discount code is - PLYFLDY1. Code will expire 31st March 2015 so grab yours now! 

I hope you join me in this creative mission and grab your journal too. Be sure to let us know on social media by tagging me (@aplayfulday) or Chroma (@chromasationery) and #aninspired2015. I can't wait to see what you choose!

ps I'll be featuring an interview with Chroma Stationery founder Gabi next week so stay tuned for some amazing creative business inspiration!




- this is a non sponsored post. Chroma love is entirely authentic. Get the addiction too ~x