The A Playful Day podcast explores everyday life, creativity and identity. On the podcast I share stories with featured guests, as well as musings on life and moments that define us. Above all, there is always a through line of creativity. From the very start, A Playful Day has been somewhere to collect thoughts and document things that bring us inspiration and strength. If we could sit and share coffee for an hour together, this is what it might sound like. 

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Previous Episodes:

The APD Podcast: In Conversation with Bridey Davies & Eilidh Weir

For the A Playul Day podcast this month, I’m sharing two conversations about work life balance and staying true to your identity. In this first conversation, we’re dispelling the myth of ‘having it all’. You’re going to hear 3 mother’s discussing the conflict of career, identity and their evolving role as carers. 

The APD Podcast: In Conversation with Rachael Lucas

In today's podcast interview, I’m in conversation with Rachael Lucas, an established author, mother and champion for Autism awareness.

The APD Podcast: In Conversation with Jonna Hietala and Sini Ellen

Today’s podcast guests are Jonna and Sini, the co-founders of Laine Magazine. Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine that celebrates natural fibres, slow living, local craftsmanship and beautiful, simple things in life.This is a magazine that inspires knitters but also contains lifestyle pieces like city guides, delicious recipes and feature interviews. Laine Magazine is enriched with all of Jonna and Sini's passions as photographers, story tellers and knitters. 

The APD Podcast: In Conversation with Kristabel Plummer

This month's podcast guest is Kristabel Plummer, the writer and creator behind  the fashion, travel & lifestyle blog iwantyoutoknow.

“It’s ok to be figuring stuff out. It’s ok to be a bit awkward. It’s ok to not know what you’re doing” - Kristabel Plummer

The APD Podcast: In Conversation with Alexandra Cameron

Today, I’m sharing a conversation with Alexandra Cameron, a photographer based here in the UK whose work I discovered in 2017 and instantly fell in love with. She shares beautiful images but also powerful captions that explore issues really central to the experience of feeling like a woman and being a woman. I was hooked.

The APD Podcast: In Conversation with Ani Lee

In this first interview since the relaunch of the podcast, I'm sharing a conversation with teacher and podcaster, Ani Lee. You can find Ani online as Close Knit, a catch all term that she uses to encompass her teaching and creative pursuits. In this conversation we touch on body image, shame, privilege, using creative pursuits to process emotions, intersectionality, activism vs self care, and how Ani is trying to navigate her way between noticing struggles that need to be fought whilst not being paralysed by it. 

The APD Podcast: The Return

Today's show is something of a preview. I'm breaking down my intentions, making them clear and putting my hopes out there into the universe. I want to switch the microphone on and make this last for a long time, if we can.